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The Adoption Process

So you have decided to add a member to your family...

If you live in the immediate NYC area, have love in your heart, and a little time on your hands, please download and fill out all questions on our official group application. This must be complete prior to submitting further requests for information or meet and greets with specific animals. Please note that applications submitted to other groups will not qualify and we need our complete document filled out, signed, and returned prior to meeting with foster families and or individual animals. Complete applications can be emailed to


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Not ready to adopt yet? Why not try fostering an animal in need today. You provide a home, basic care, love, and socialization that rescues so often desperately need without the lifetime commitment. Fosters are a crucial part of our operation and allow us to rescue in greater numbers as our homes and facilities can fill up fast! We ask that you fill out the same application as you would to adopt, and go through the same process...

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